Gorgeous 3 Ct Emerald Moissanite Engagement Ring


Want to make your proposal fancier? Surprise your loved one with this Gorgeous 3 Ct Emerald Moissanite Engagement Ring from Loose Moissanite’s Emerald rings collection. These stunning Emerald rings will make your proposal more romantic. Don’t wait! Order this unique and elegant ring by contacting us on the given number.



Stone : Moissanite
Carat Weight : 3 ct
Stone shape : Emerald cut
Color : White
Clarity : VVS1/2
Hardness : 9.25


Metal : Sterling Silver
Stamp : 925 / 14k

Customization : All Rings are available in 14k White Gold,14k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & we can provide any type of customize jewelry.

Emerald cut Moissanite engagement rings are one of the shapes common to jewel retailers. Other common shapes for moissanite engagement rings are Round, Princess, Asscher, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Heart, and Trillion. In which Emerald cut & Princess cut Moissanite are the perfect choice for a moissanite engagement ring. There are many different styles of rings. solitaire rings are a popular choice for an engagement ring. To aid in information as to how emerald cut Moissanite engagement rings are to be chosen, we have the following considerations: The moissanite cut types, applicability, and choosing the stone that fits an emerald cut.

The purpose of moissanite cuts is not merely for accentuating the stone but to determine how light is refracted. Refraction is how light is dispersed as it reaches the edges of the cut surface. Step Cuts are simple cuts creating a series of steps along the surface of the stone. The result of this cut is a rectangular stone. Moissanite Emerald cut engagement rings are cut this way. The cut assumed the name of emerald because it was formerly intended to cut the stone of the same name. Eventually, because of the elegance the resulting gem reflects, the cut was applied to diamond cuts. The step cut does not refract light on the surface but it does sharply on its edges. Emerald cut moissanite engagement rings have trimmed corners as opposed to the other types of step cut gems with untrimmed corners.

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