Classy 4 Ct Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring Solitaire Ring


If you are someone who is looking for a pop of color then we gladly welcome you to our store. There is nothing that we leave behind. Therefore, you should purchase our unique 4-carat emerald cut moissanite ring. The cut and the color are matched to perfection. Hence, you will absolutely love it.



Stone : Moissanite
Carat Weight :4 ct
Stone shape : Emerald Cut
Color : White
Clarity : VVS1/2
Hardness : 9.25


Metal : Sterling Silver
Stamp : 925 / 14k

Customization : All rings are available in 14k white Gold, 14k yellow Gold, rose Gold & we can provide any type of customize jewelry.

This wonderful Emerald-cut Moissanite Ring comes in split shank. This ring features 4 carat emerald cut Moissanite. Most emerald cut rings are suitable for women with long and slender fingers. As the stone has a rectangular shape, it is often accentuated with other stones. The groom should keep in mind that this may not exude a flashy quality but its classy look makes it an ideal pick. And because of the nature of the cut, emerald cut moissanite rings are less expensive than its mixed and brilliant-cut counterparts. One has to know that moissanite prices depend on the carat, the metal used in mounting, the size of the stone, and the type of cut used.

Emerald cut Moissanite rings may not easily provide for flaws that help in the selection. For potential buyers, they can consider examining loose Moissanite to spot any cut imperfection and use the highest quality stone for mounting. This avoids any false impressions of the stone being a fake because of cut imperfections. One who casually glances at emerald cut engagement rings can easily spot issues with quality as a consequence of cuts that are not well done.

Loose Moissanite sell Best Moissanite Rings. Buy this 4 carat Moissanite ring from us. We are No.1 Moissanite Jewelry manufacturer in India. How to get a cheap Engagement Ring? We sell the best cheap Moissanite Rings. We deal with Moissanite & Moissanite jewelry in wholesale and retail. We offer free shipping to all countries. You can get this ring in white gold or silver. You can get customization in this emerald cut Moissanite Ring as per your needs. Expert note…

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