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If you are in need of high quality gemstones at a more affordable price, we have the best quality of loose moissanite stones you will ever find in India. Our finished loose moissanite gems are cut in such a way that it brings out its natural beauty and sparkle. Ourmoissanite gems are created in the lab to resemble the highest quality moissanite both in shape and size. They are outstanding with fire and brilliance.

We have been creating moissanite for years now, and we spend great amount of time with this gemstone to make sure each piece we create comes out with stunning brilliance and fire.We have finished moissanite loose stones for sale at best price in India. You can get our brand of moissanite at whole price and at a fraction of the cost of comparable diamond.

You can rate our moissanite excellent in terms of quality and durability. It can withstand any wear. We give better cut with revolutionary designs.

What piece of moissanite stones are you looking for? MoissaniteJewelry, Necklace, Wedding Ring, Engagement Ring, bracelet? We have them in stock at both wholesale and retail prices. You can never regret shopping with us as we take customer’s satisfaction a priority.

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