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Loose Moissanite is a well-know CVD Diamonds Manufacturer in India and is also well-known for its man-made diamonds, or lab-based diamonds as well as Synthetic and Ec0-friendly diamonds. We have laid our milestone on the basis of constant progression.

Instead crafting ourselves merely as followers of the existing competitors in this market, Loose Moissanite have established us aiming to set our very own agenda. The uniqueness that we follow at work is all based upon the needs of our clients. We focus mainly in providing best-quality products at prices that are affordable by you.

We aim mainly at providing the best value added products that meets up to the demand of the client and we try quite hard to become a dynamic firm that can stand at par to our competitors. We are in a constant thrive for the improvement of both loyalty and performance with our ever expanding R&D.

CVD Diamonds for sale

We are sale Best Quality CVD diamond in the world. The most generic named used for a group of processes that are used in the production of high-quality, high-performance, solid structures is what Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD is termed to be. There are chemical reactions within the element that is deposited through a gas onto that of a substrate.

CVD techniques are generally used for the production of CVD diamonds and this is the reason behind its terminology too.
They are also known to be the Lab Grown or Man Made diamond.

Man made Diamonds Wholesale

Coal and graphite the chemical compounds of carbon helps in the formation of diamond. The arrangement of the atoms of carbon within the material is where the main difference here lies. Man made Diamond is known for its rarity and among the most stable carbon allotype is graphite.

High pressure and high temperature are both applies for the conversion of graphite into diamond. These conditions are extremely favorable for diamond to become a stable carbon allotype. For the formation of CVD we generally decompose a carbon- containing gas that will help the carbon atoms to deposit on the surface. Under the proper circumstances the expansion of the diamond crystals will be readily enhanced with the suppression in the growth of graphite.

Lab created Diamonds India

You will come across huge varieties of properties in natural diamond whereas the properties of a CVD diamond are similar to that of the natural stones. Upon demonstrations it has been seen that the CVD diamonds has in numerous properties that excels to the natural stones.

Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab diamond price in India depends mainly of the area of the diamond disk. The area that has thickness of more than 1 mm will be expensive compared to a smaller area. Lab Grown Diamond in general is used when it is required. There is a lot of factor that rules out the price of a diamond, such as the process of deposition that involves a lot of energy, equipment as well as low growth rate.