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The black moissanite beads gives the best customized look with its facets that appears to be sparkling as well as glittering ones. It well suits to the requirements of the jewelers when it comes to the rose cut black and colored moissanite beads. These beads are perfect for the creation of moissanite bead necklace, bead strands, bead chain and many others. They are also available in myriads of shapes and sizes. Different cuts are also available with us.

What are moissanite beads?

Moissanites are well-known being the durable material and a man-made stone that has a hardness scale of 9.25mm on the mohs. This is the reason behind it being harder than even a sapphire or ruby and this ranks the second to that of the diamond. When you are looking out for a lifetime adventure, these stones will be the best associate for you. The clarity of these stone outshines all and the cut are developed in a unique manner.

What are the sizes available?

There is a huge variety of cuts and sizes when it comes to the Moissanite beads. You can well create some funky styled bands out of it with a bunch of pear cuts as well as oval and emerald cuts. We also offer you custom cuts that would be the best one for you as with us you will get them all!

What is the cost of such beads?

These moissanite beads come in various processes and it does not have to mean that high price means that you will be getting the best quality. The prices are compatible yet the fancy cuts are a bit more expensive here.