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If you are looking for high quality gemstones that surpasses the luster, brilliance and fire of diamond or diamond stimulant, then you are in the right place. We have high quality moissanite jewellery at affordable prices. The best quality you will ever find in the whole of India.

Our finished loose moissanite gemstones possess the same beauty so admired in diamond, but shines even brighter with superior sparkle. We have in our possession great technologies and skilled professionals who come together to create the highest quality of moissanite jewellery with outstanding beauty.

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of loose moissanite Jewellery, we can give you any moissanite stone for any occasion. You will not find any gemstone in India that surpasses the sparkle, durability and brilliance of our gemstones.


So, whether you are looking for a moissanite engagement ring to propose or you want to gift a love one a moissanite jewelry, we got you covered. We have moissanite jewelries of different shapes and sizes at a more affordable price.

When proposing with a moissanite engagement ring or gifting a love one a moissanite jewelry, you are not only confident that you are giving a gift that surpasses beauty, but you are confident that the gift or engagement ring will last for a lifetime and beyond.

We have been in the gemstone industry for years and we only deal on high quality moissanites at best price in India.

We spend a lot of time on each of our gemstones to make sure that they all come out in stunning brilliance and with fire.

What kind of moissanite jewelry are you looking for? Is it engagement ring, bridal ring, wedding bands, bracelets or three stone rings? We got them all in different colors. We accept both wholesale and retail purchase.

Go through our gallery of loose moissanite jewelries and place your order now.