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First you will think that which one is best Moissanite or Diamond? I will tell you which one best for you. Now the days moissanite become more popular than diamond and its primary reason is its value. 

Moissanite vs Diamond

Price of Moissanite is 1/10 than the Diamond. Beyond that there are lots of reason like refractive index of moissanite is 2.65 where diamond has 2.42, Dispersion of Moissanite is 0.104 where diamond has 0.044, Hardness of moissanite is 9.25 where diamond has 10 Means Moissanite hardness is next to the diamond, Heat Resistance of Moissanite is Undamaged up to 1800°C where Diamond burns at 800°C.Whereas Price Of Moissanite start from $300/carat where diamond price start from $3500.

These are the major difference whether to choice moissanite or/Vs diamond?

Moissanite has measurably more fire, brilliance and luster at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

The features of Moissanite, which is quite similar to diamond, makes this gemstone extremely desirable. With a supreme hardness which is almost comparable to the diamonds and with the brilliant appearance which looks perfectly the same as diamond.

The reason why Moissanite is getting more and more popular is due to its similarity to a diamond in both hardness and brilliance.

Most diamonds are in round, square or oval cut, because of the difficulty to shape an extremely hard diamond into different kind of shape, also, because of its rarity.

However, though Moissanite is hard enough to maintain the ever-lasting quality, it is much more easier to be made into various shapes. It brings a lot of possibility of the various designing styles for Moissanite engagement rings, pendants as well as Moissanite Rings.

Just keep in mind that Moissanite is a mineral which has similar appearance of diamond, a kind of lab grown crystal gemstone instead of a “fake” diamond.

Brilliance and dispersion of Moissanite are even better mined diamond, which is one of the biggest advantages of Moissanite.

What’s more, the brilliance of other diamond simulants such as cubic zircon or Swarovski is too fake, which could be easily discovered by experienced jewelry fans.

However, the brilliance of Moissanite cannot be recognized except for specialists in this field.

Due to its supreme hardness, the brilliance Moissanite is ever-lasting as same as diamond.

Moissanite is getting more and more popular is due to its similarity to a diamond in both hardness and brilliance.

It is often regarded as the best diamond substitute in jewelry field, at a substantially lower cost than diamonds, affordable and high performance ratio.

Moissanite or Diamond

Moissanite is even brighter than a diamond, which can be told by its refractive index.

The supreme refraction of Moissanite provide the perfect fire and brilliance for Moissanite, combine with its perfect clarity and color.

When it’s under a light beam, you can see the amazing light rays and wonderful dispersion. you can find whether you should buy Moissanite or not, especially sometimes when budget is limited.

Moissanite vs Diamond price

If you have abundant budget, which can afford you a carat diamond with high quality, Moissanite would not be your choice.