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Oval cut Loose Moissanite

As one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of moissanites in the gemstones industry, we make sure we have all the varieties of moissanite stones in different cut pattern.
Is it oval cut moissanite you are searching for? Here you have them. Oval cut moissanites that comes with brilliance and fire. Every oval cut moissanite we stock has it quality assurance.

We welcome wholesale as well as retail purchase. With us, you can be assured of the best deal of oval cut moissanite. You can place your order for any of our oval cut moissanite.
Due to its elongated shape, oval cut moissanites are excellent choice for the trendy east-west engagement ring style.

Best Loose Moissanite stone collection

We use only the highest quality to produce our oval cut moissanite stones. Our facilities are up to standard, and our artisans are professionals with years of experience in the gemstone industry.
All our oval cut moissanite go through strict supervision from our standby testing unit before we put them out for sale. The job of our testing unit is to make sure that all the oval cut moissanites meet the expectation and required specifications.

If for any reason some specifications are not met, the stone is taken back to the manufacturing unit for retouch. We guarantee a flawless finish on all our oval cut moissanite. We focus more on quality control than profit.

You want customized purchase? Just tell us what you want and your budget, and we will give you the best deal.

Moissanite stone Wholesale Price

Our oval cut moissanites come in different carat. We have from 0.50 carat to above 5.00 carat.
Make your choice right now from any of our collection of oval cut moissanites. Customer’s satisfaction with us is 100%. And we give you a 30 days money back guarantee.
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