Promise Ring

The promise ring was given to symbolize a promise that someone else made.

A promise ring can be given to almost all kinds of promises made and not necessarily limited to the promises made for engagement or wedding. Having said this, we also want to mention that the reason for giving or receiving a promise ring should be well understood by both people.Promise Ring


Promise rings can mean:

you are my only valentine.
I will be loyal to you..
I will come back to you..
I will keep a unique promise to you..
I’ll keep your secret, it can mean ..
I love you, my goal is to get married but I’m not ready to be involved..
I will save my virginity for you..
We are best friends, I will always be there for you…

Promise rings can mean:

I promise to replace this ring with a (big) one diamond as soon as I can afford it both men and women can give promise rings.

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Some promise rings do feature small diamonds, but any ring can represent a promise. If the ring is wide enough, the giver can have your name or initials engraved or some word that sums up an appointment.

It’s best to avoid band rings, though, which could be mistaken for a wedding ring. When giving a promise ring, it is essential to communicate the specific meaning you give to it.

What did History and Meaning of Promise Rings?

Promise rings symbolize commitment Between Two People Or Group. A promise ring is not an unknown gem today, but not many people know the meaning of a promise ring.

In this section, we will try to answer as many questions as possible about promise rings and try to explain the problem in a simple and clear style. More importantly, these are some questions that we will find the answer.

  1. What is the meaning of a promise ring?
  2. What promise ring symbolize?
  3. For what kind of commitment can be exchanged promise rings?
  4. What is ‘purity’ promise ring mean?
  5. A promise ring can be given for reasons other than an engagement or a wedding?

Can men wear promise rings as well? We will now take questions one by one and explain in detail what is a promise ring.

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Why is Considering the Promise Rings or Interchangeable?

What is a promise ring, as mentioned above in the paragraph on the meaning of the promise ring, the ring can be given to any promises or commitments made and need not be limited to the determination of marriage?

There are several main reasons for giving or exchanging promise rings, and the meaning of the promise ring will depend on each case.

Pre-engagement promise rings are given when two individuals have decided that they will get engaged and then get married in the future. This occurs when two individuals have agreed to live together in the future but do not want an official engagement or marriage at this time.

This is the most common meaning for promise rings and in most cases; the promise ring is replaced by an engagement or wedding ring later. For the promise ring, ring exchanges between men and women are widespread.

Purity promise rings have a slightly different meaning as they symbolize a commitment or promise to remain chaste or abstain from something. A good example is when a parent gives the child a promise to purity ring, and it was meant to symbolize the commitment of a child, to remain sexually pure until marriage.

In the U.S. and Europe, the idea of liberal sexual behavior is slowly going out of fashion, and a symbol of purity promise rings increasingly becoming more relevant.

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Friendship is one of the most apparent reasons that a promise ring can given. The meaning of a promise ring in such cases, will not relate to any romantic affair, but instead signifies a commitment to always be there for each other in times of need.

The friend who received such a promise ring could live next door or far away in another country; there is no relevance to the geographical distance separating the two friends.

The two friends must understand the true meaning of the promise ring; there should be no room for misunderstanding in which a good friend mistook the ring as the show romantic intentions. Other religions promise ring types that require special attention.

The ring can worn by a group of believers a saint or a particular religion. The meaning of the promise ring in such a case would be a commitment to follow the teachings or religious beliefs or sacred in everyday life.

We have devoted a paragraph below to explain the importance and significance of the ethical promise ring. What is a promise ring picture?

Can Men Wear a Promise Ring?

This is a very frequently asked question, and the answer is quite simple. Remembering the true meaning of a promise ring or commitment and the importance of the occasion for which they charged, there is no reason why men should not wear promise rings.

Depending on the right for wearing promise rings, men promise rings can be used as a pre-engagement ring, promise or purity rings as friendship promise rings and signs rings as well as religion. While the meaning of the promise ring worn by men would be the same as that worn by the women, the difference will be mainly in the size and weight of men’s promise rings.

Men take care of a lot less than their jewelry than women, and this means that both men wear the promise rings would need to be more sturdy and durable. In cases where the promise ring means pre-engagement relationship, it is common for women and men to wear a promise ring with the same design; the ring often mentioned as a promise ring

Origins of the Promise Ring

Social life in ancient times had betrothals as an essential part of life. The origins of the promise ring evolved from the practice betrothals quite different from the engagement. In Biblical terms, commitment is a contract made through a public announcement.

The deal includes financial arrangements and other similar matters. The parties to the agreement can’t back out of it, and the engagement is legally binding.

The actual wedding will take place after a few months, but the engagement contract is a commitment to get married in the future. Men will give a ring to women as part of the engagement ceremony, and the ring will be a symbol of his promise to marry her. This is the earliest record of the promise ring.


There is also another type of ring called ring gimmel related to the engagement ceremony. Gimmal ring is a kind of promise ring and infects made up of two or three separate rings. These rings can be worn together or separately, and this ring style became popular in the 16th century, during one part of the engagement ceremony worn by the bride-to-be and one by the groom-to-be.

In cases where the gimmel promise ring consists of three parts, the third part of the ring was given to those who will see the promise and ceremonies. Two or three parts of the promise ring gimmel put together during the wedding ceremony and worn by the bride.

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