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If you are buying a ring as a gift for your friend and you should know the exact size of the ring. It is important to factor while purchasing a ring to determine the perfect size of the ring.

The Ring sizes are numbers that are linked with diameter or circumference of the inside if the ring’s band.

The style of the Ring affect the size hollow rings are larger than solid rings.

A wide “comfort-fit” ring is easier to slide on your fingers than a similar ring with the flat inner surface. Rings that are too large may accidentally fall off.

Easy to bend, in addiction the ring rotates around the finger, making it difficult to wear and enjoy.

On the other hand, a too tight ring will restrict blood flow to the finger.

A ring that is too tight can cause the skin to swell around it, making the fingers appear fat and blocking the side view of a beautiful ring.

We recommend a tighter fit that will keep your ring more secure and eliminate the risk of it sliding off your finger on its own.

#3 Methods to figure out Your Ring size:

The most reliable way to determine the ring size is to go to the jeweler. Of course, many people will do this absolutely for free. You can try different ways to figure out ring size they are:

  • At Home
  • On the Internet
  • Charts

How to figure out ring size Home

When buying on the internet, please do not mistake the ring size. How to measure the correct size or ring size, here are some tips:

How to measure ring size with virtual ring size. This technique requires you to print a virtual ring sizer.

measure an existing ring

Measure an existing Ring

On this ring, size is represented in many circles that correspond to different sizes of rings.

After you printed the ring sizes and checked the scale using a ruler, put a ring on the right size ring size and its internal diameter prop with that of the corresponding circle (see diagram below).

Hop and voila! Virtual – ring seizer. The technique is very well-suited if you want a gift and can “steal” a discreet ring to the final recipient

Printable Ring size chart

By moving different circles, choose a ring with the best size and place it at the size of the ring.

Move the ring on the ring clasp to find a circle whose diameter exactly matches the inner diameter of the ring. Congratulations, you just found the ring size you need! Diameter rings, virtual ring size verification

Use a ruler to measure the size of a ring to how to measure ring size

If you have a ring of the right size, you can use a ruler or a caliper to find the value of the ring’s inner diameter.

ruler to measure

ruler to measure


How to figure out Ring size on Online/Internet

For using the ring size chart online method to measure your finger size, you usually will need to have the ring, which properly fit in your finger first.

The ring which you already had will use as the ruler to measure your finger size.

What you need to do in using the online method is just finding the proper ring size with your finger by putting your ring in the picture of many ring size like the ordinary ring ruler, which you can use in offline method.

When you have figured out the closest similar ring in the display with your ring, you only need to see the number under the ring.

It is your finger size. These are just averages, and each individual’s fingers have different characteristics.

For example, some people have larger knuckles and will need a larger size.

When purchasing online, determining the size of the ring size can be a bit tricky.

Several typical methods can be used, but none of them is very precise.

There has never been an excellent way to apply thread or paper, because these products may turn, stretch, or even bend (cardboard is better) the ring quick guides depends on your computer settings.

The Advantage in Using the Ring Size Chart Online Method

After you have understood both methods in measuring the finger size, now you must able to understand about the advantage in using the online method right.

Yes it simpler than use the traditional method.

Even it will be better to use the online method to figure out our finger size because many people say that with using the online method, we will gain the perfect ring size result.

Because of that, no doubt why many people prefer to use Ring Size Chart Online. Resources

How to figure out according to chart table size

Whether for a class ring, an, a wedding ring, or just a stylish personal ring to complete your fashionable appearance, you can determine your own ring size by using a ring size chart.

Each jeweler or jewelry store in different countries has a different way to determine Ring size.

However, this measurement can only be a reference in choosing the proper ring size because fingers are flesh and bone that can’t be measured accurately, like measuring hard metal objects such as rings.

The correct ring size is the ring that can stay on the finger snugly yet comfortably and can be taken off with little resistance. Measure your finger you wish to put the ring on and compare your measurement with the Ring Size Chart.

Each jeweler or jewelry store in different countries has a different way to determine Ring size.

Therefore, many types of charts for ring size available, either in internet (Loose Moissanite) or in jewelry stores.

Fortunately, there are conversion charts for the different charts of ring size

International Ring size chat


How to measure Ring size in cm and mm

How to measure ring size to help you find the size of a ring, please use 5mm wide or simpler, 1 cm tailoring paper.

Loosely wrap the finger you want to put on the ring, locate and mark where the ends meet.

Just use a millimeter ruler to measure the strip of paper.

Example: If you get 5.4 cm, the size is 54 mm. If the mark is between two scales, indicate a larger extent.

You can also use a ring size adjuster, which is a template that shows the ring sizes, here’s an example:


Ring Size

  • How to measure ring size and choose a ring diameter with the help of a ring size?
  • Print the ring size adjuster because the number in the circle defines the ring size.
  • How to measure the ring size you choose the ring’s diameter, pick a ring there, and ask about the different circles drawn. Move the ring until you find the corresponding diameter. However, we must still see the outer edge of the ring sizer.


Rotate your finger to measure. How to measure the size of the ring finger, please use a tape measure, a few inches or a few strings of paper around your finger(the ringing finger), so that the strap is on the middle phalanx of the middle finger.

The thickest place and mark the place of the connecting bar with a pen.

Unroll the strip and measure with a millimeter ruler the length of your tower doig. In France, the ring size corresponds to the ring size in millimeters. For example, if you measure your ring size is 52mm (or 5.2cm), your ring size is 52!

Tips: If you are hesitant between two sizes, you should choose the size above. In fact, in hot weather or in the afternoon, the fingers tend to swell. It is best to round it to a higher value. For the same reason, do not wrap the tape around your fingers during the measurement because it may distort the calculation, and the loop is too tight to pass through the joint.

Please measure your ring in a jewelry district how to measure ring size any good jeweler can easily give you the proper ring size or by using a ring size if you get there (it will try a series of rings of different sizes to see which one best fits your finger) when using a ring stick (a tool for measuring cone) if you just ring a “model” the right size.

How to measure Ring size in inches

Each chart for ring size and the finger size is usually different from each other.

Each master jeweler, jewelry store, and website about jewelry originated from different countries publishes their chart of ring size.

Each is developing its system of ring sizes. Some charts use inches, and some others use millimeters.

In The US and Canada, they use numbers such as 0, ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, etc. as the sizes of the rings.

In The UK, Ireland, Australia, and other countries, they use letters and numbers such as A, A ½, B, B ½, etc. as the sizes of the rings.

Japanese also use numbers as the ring sizes, but they only use cardinal numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

In Switzerland, they also use numbers as ring sizes, but they use decimal numbers such as 1.50, 2.75, 4.00, 5.25, etc.

The different methods to measure ring size also contribute to the various ring size chart.

There are two methods of a ring size measurement: the true diameter method and the centerline method.

A ring size chart can be based on either the true diameter method. The true diameter method measures the diameter of the ring.

The mark to be measured is when the wide side of the tape meets the edge of the ring.

For wide rings, the rings are usually tapered, and the smaller edges of the ring are measured as the true size diameter of the ring because this is the diameter of the finger that can fit the ring.

The centerline way uses a mark at the center of the ring to be the measurement.

Because wider rings have tapers, when they are measured by using the centerline way, the measurements will be at a size slightly smaller than their true diameters.

Therefore, the centerline method automatically compensates the fact that a wider ring fits tighter on the same finger.

If the ring you plan to buy has a full band or huge setting, you may need to increase it from half to full size. How to keep these tips in mind and use our convenient sizing charts to determine your ring size, you must hope to get a reading that will give you excellent results.

 The Best way to figure out Ring size

You can use the chart here to try to get more specific suggestions by choosing a ring that currently suits you properly. If you have one, you can measure it at the widest point between the center of the entire ring and the inside.

Use a ruler (or caliper) to find the size. Inspect the chart listed below for how to determine your ring size.

If the size is between two sizes, select the larger. If you need to reduce the size, buying a ring adjuster is very cheap. You only need to slide it over a small part of the band. The best time to assess your ring size is in the mid-day (your fingers are smaller sized in the early mornings).

Yet, it is advisable to take several readings at various times as your finger dimension can be affected by, temperature as well as humidity changes, also water retention as well as exercise.

You should try to match your ring easily. It should be tight enough to prevent it from falling off, but loose enough to slide on the knuckles without excessive resistance.


Other more resource for ring size measurement:

How to measure ring size at home?

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