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If you are looking for affordable moissanite engagement rings that still have almost the same quality, fire and brilliance like a real diamond, you are in the right place.

We believe that the decision to spend your life with another person calls for a finely crafted symbol representing creativity, love and flow of the relationship over time.

Our collection of engagement rings are a combination of classic, creativity and uniqueness.

It came to our discovery that a large fraction of moissanite lovers are not able to buy some moissanite engagement rings because of the cost. With this in mind, we crafted engagement rings with the same lustre, fire and brilliance of those expensive moissanites, and made them affordable for those on a small budget.

We have affordable moissanite engagement rings of different colors, carats and shapes. We welcome both wholesale and retail purchase.

We deliver unique experience, top design and quality at accessible prices with the best customer service imaginable.

You can’t find any moissanite jewelry store selling at our prices. We beat all moissanite stores in terms of price.

We have been in this industry for decades and we have in our team great artisans who comes out with the best quality of moissanite jewelries that has no match.

We also have great technologies to make sure that all our stones come out flawless.

If all you want a custom design to meet your taste, we have a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced artisans ready to help you put your idea into reality.

Don’t pass these great offers. Our rings come with a lifetime warranty. Please order now so you don’t miss out due to spike price in diamond price and overstock depletion.

Expect the best in service, quality and value when you shop with us. All our products come with a 30 days money back guarantee.

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