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Moissanite Engagement Ring- A Suitable, Smart and Reasonable Solitaire Element

The mantra of a successful marriage-

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

What Promise Rings meaning?

A promise rings symbolize and commitment between two peoples.

But, what to do make your to-be-wife happy since your engagement?

Surely, a perfect engagement ring would be a perfect element to start with. But, selecting an engagement ring can be confusing as you would consider how to find ring size, design, look, brightness and price of the entire ring.

You may also have an idea of a diamond for a solitaire ring.

Remove all outdated factors related to the purchase of an engagement ring. Purchase a new age oval ring having Moissanite as its major attraction.

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Gone are the days of the costly diamond engagement ring as Moissanite engagement ring is the new trend. A cheaper and contemporary replacement option for a diamond is Moissanite, a gemstone artificially made for people who want to relish their engagement moments in the happiest possible way.

What is Moissanite Ring?

Moissanite is the most popular alternative of diamond for couples who are on a budget. It’s a gemstone originally found in a meteor crater. So, in a literal sense, it is a space rock but made inside a lab.

Since it has many similarities with diamond, but cheaper than this is widely preferred as moissanite solitaire engagement ring.

How does it resemble a diamond?

While comparing moissanite with diamond, there come several features that were either similar or moissanite has the advantage over the diamond.

Those features are here-

Durability- If you check the durability score of moissanite, its second-best after the diamond, and rates 9.25 Mohs Scale of Hardness. Moissanite is equally hard as a diamond for everyday wear and won’t break easily.

Sparkle- Whether Moissanite or diamond, both are known for their sparkle nature, but moissanite gives rainbow sparkle making it more lustrous than diamond. If you want a moissanite halo engagement ring, measure its sparkle factor like an astute observer. Moissanite has an edge over the diamond as it has a high refractive index making it sparkler than the diamond.

Clarity- Moissanite stones are not sold until their clarity grade is VS or above. This grading indicates that there are no visible flaws in the stone. Diamonds have flaws that can be observed with naked eyes.

Ethical Creation- Since diamonds are mined from the earth, they can be a threat to the environment. On the other hand, moissanite is made in controlled lab conditions. This removes the issue of unfair labor practices and warfare. Moissanites also have a carbon footprint making them an eco-friendly gemstone choice for an engagement ring.

Cheaper than Diamonds- Since moissanites are made in a lab, they have substantially reduced price than diamonds. Organically affordable for common people especially those who can’t afford a diamond ring for the engagement purpose.

These factors make moissanite popular in India as Indian citizens look for a cheaper and quality alternative of any gemstone. This has also lead moissanite jewellery India trend and people are going after it.

If your engagement is scheduled in the next few months, choosing a vintage Moissanite engagement ring will always be a better choice. Check Our Beautiful moissanite rings for sale India. You will be considered as a smart and wise person in the eyes of your beloved wife.